Stephen Lea Sheppard (stephenls) wrote,
Stephen Lea Sheppard



I got my first job, a paper route, because I wanted money to buy RPG books. oWoD books in specific, but the oWoD wouldn't exist without D&D, and D&D wouldn't exist without Gygax.

My second job, improbably, was acting on a television show. I would not have gotten it if I hadn't been staying at a friend's house while my mother completed her medical education. The friend in question I would not have met, save for striking up a conversation with him over his Cyberpunk books he brought to school one day. On the television show in question, Freaks & Geeks, I played a Dungeon Master. It's possible the show wouldn't even have existed, if Dungeons & Dragons hadn't done its part in creating a cohesive geek culture with which the show's creators identified.

Without that second job, I'd not have been able to afford a computer. Using the computer my acting paid for, I met my best friend, Richard Clayton, on, discussing roleplaying games.

Outside of my immediate family, I can think of no single element with more influence over the course of my life than the existence of the roleplaying hobby, which would not have been without E. Gary Gygax.

Thanks, Gary.
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