Stephen Lea Sheppard (stephenls) wrote,
Stephen Lea Sheppard

Agamemnon is a bit of a jerk.

Was a bit of a jerk.


Big helping of books arrived over the last three days or so—the Robert Fagels Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid translations, Lord Dunsany's The Complete Pegāna and The King of Elfland's Daughter, and Exalted's The Manual of Exalted Power—Abysssals, Scroll of Kings, The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. III—Yu-Shan, and Dreams of the First Age, the latter two of which I worked on.

This means I have a comp copy of DotFA and three comp copies of Yu-Shan, in case any other author is reading this and wants to discuss book trade or something.

My room is starting to look like Yomiko Readman's loft. I mean, it has a long way to go, but it's definitely taking the first steps.
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