Stephen Lea Sheppard (stephenls) wrote,
Stephen Lea Sheppard

Haven't written anything here in a while.

I don't actually try to write fanfiction anymore, but I do think about it an unhealthily large amount. Lately I've been thinking about how to construct an interesting Decepticon social dynamic in a hypothetical large-cast Transformers continuity without any necessary connection to the existing ones. (But more G1-flavored than any of the others, 'cause that was my generation.)

This lead to the creation of an interesting sorting dynamic for Decepticons: They can largely be divided into hooligans and soldiers, "the scary Decepticons" and "the funny Decepticons." For example, Runabout and Runamuck are hooligans; Cyclonus and Shockwave are soldiers. It's really more of a spectrum than two hard categories, but it holds up -- note that it's independent of loyalty to Megatron. Cyclonus is the paragon of Decepticon Leader Loyalty, while Shockwave is its antithesis. But that's not really germane to this post.

So I started making lists and sorting.

One thing I'd like to do in a hypothetical new Transformers continuity is push gender equality a bit, for a couple of reasons. First, and easily the most important, I like tweaking people who argue against that sort of thing, because their tears taste like candy. Second, and almost as important as the first, Arcee, Blackarachnia, and Slipstream rock. Third, while it's true a race of robots who reproduce through a magic rock called the Matrix don't need two genders, it's also true that a monogendered race of magic robots don't necessarily need to default to a phenotype humans would interpret as male. Male isn't the default state of being.

However, this lead me to the interesting realization that there are no memorable female Decepticon hooligans. All the memorable female Decepticons are soldiers.

This actually holds true for a lot of characters throughout the Boy's Own Adventure genre! The opposite of a flimsy damsel in distress is an ass-kicking take-no-bullshit sensible action girl who, uh, is actually a bit of a stick in the mud. See also Sluggy Freelance's Zoe, and the standard The Girl archetype throughout webcomics.

I'm not the first person to have written on this topic. I am probably the first person who's decided that one possible exercise for curing this tendency in myself is to write up a bunch of female Decepticon hooligans, though.

Note, I haven't written them up yet. And if I do it's very unlikely I'll post them here, because the first thing I'll do once I'm done is generify them so they're not Decepticons anymore, and then file them away as human characters to potentially use in any future writing projects for which I'll own the IP. So, uh, sorry if this whole post counts as wasting your time, I guess.
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