Stephen Lea Sheppard (stephenls) wrote,
Stephen Lea Sheppard

Boring, Mopey Text

I can't really tell whether my brain is actually, noticeably slowing down as I approach 30, or whether I always had this much trouble concentrating and have just forgotten because it's been almost a decade since I last completely spaced out looking at a page of math homework.

And I did hella-space-out looking at math homework. I think there were whole years of highschool where I never handed in a single piece of homework for any class I attended. (Kids reading at home? Don't do this. I took two more years to graduate than I was supposed to.)

Either way, it's disconcerting. I like to think of myself as smart, but intellectual heavy lifting is just as exhausting as physical heavy lifting. And I want to make a living as a writer!

Maybe I should look into adjusting my diet. More vegetables, maybe? I am kinda overdoing it with the starches, which aren't exactly brain food.

...ugh. I feel like I've dug myself a hole so deep that if I started trying to climb out now, I'd still be climbing, miserable and exhausted, with raw fingers tipped with dirt-encrused fingernails, a decade from now. In that situation, working up the motivation to actually start fucking climbing is pretty hard.
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