Stephen Lea Sheppard (stephenls) wrote,
Stephen Lea Sheppard

I had the most awesome horrible dream.

I'm pretty sure it was an anti-drug commercial or something, up until the very end. It was modeled after the sort of anti-drinking or anti-smoking ads we have up here in Canada (and for all I know, elsewhere as well), all grimy and Se7enish. There was a suited business guy walking through an old big wrecked apartment building, only as he stepped on the floor, it CGIed into horrible tarry gunk, the surface of which, undisturbed, looked like the dry and rubble-strewn floor of an old big wrecked apartment building. (To be as vivid as possible, the sort of horrible tarry gunk that's like Jello in that it keeps its shape and springs back to it when disturbed, unless it's torn, and not so much like actual tar, which runs.) So he wades through the rubbery, tearing floor, and as he goes he sinks deeper, I'm thinking "Okay, this is a metaphor for how drugs or drinking or smoking or something makes your life difficult in ways you cannot immediately percieve."

Then he gets to his goal, which is a window into an indoor room, set with bars, and behind the bars is some vulnerable girl who's entirely immersed in the tarry gunk, so that it's sort of bulging out between the bars but not actually leaving the cell, in a disgusting parody of surface tension. She's clutching the bars and her face is poking between them, also covered in gunk in the manner of someone being eaten by The Blob. And she takes business guy's hand and whimpers "You'll stay with me, right?" And I think "Oh, it's a metaphor for how drugs imprison you and make your friends wade through ugly crap." At this point I don't quite realize that I'm asleep. I think I'm watching a show or something.

Then my viewpoint switches to the girl's, and the guy's face goes horrible and fangy, and he stares right into my eyes and says "No" in a demonic bass-shifted voice, and I wake up and realize, to my terror, that my legs aren't under the covers and therefore a monster might eat them.

I haven't had a nightmare that vivid or shocking in months.

My brain rules.
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